Monday, 5 March 2012

Wire Frame Ghost

The fourth in a series of single track, free download releases for 2012. "Wire Frame Ghost" is an edit from a recent laptop jam at Andi's place. It is virtually unchanged from the original jam, we only shortened the beginning a little.

It is a more mellow track than some of our other recent efforts, and we hope that you enjoy this slightly different vibe. It begins with our typical sounds.. shortwave radio, sonar, and piano strings being plucked. Other sounds join; filtered white noise and tape hiss, backwards acoustic guitar harmonics, plus new sounds created with digital synths in Logic and patterns Andi generated using the Korg iMS20 on the iPad. Check the Korg out here. Its an amazing piece of kit.

The title "Wire Frame Ghost" seemed to fit the vibe generated from metal strings and electronic interference. Artwork is again by Andi.


  1. young Mr Bloor6 March 2012 at 17:01

    if my cat could live off music I would feed him this,
    if I could wash my clothes in music this would make them, not only smell great but feel oh so soft,
    this is probably the best music in the world,
    if music could kick a ball this would be arsenal and them totters and their hot spurs would be more like cheeky girls all bums and smiles,
    if music was an aftershave this would be denim, all man and no frilly knickers like that stuff you see in black and white on telly,
    if music was toilet paper this will be the stuff that the dog uses and not that scratchy stuff they made us use in school,
    if music was a findus crispy pancake this is the beef and onion,
    now thats what i'm talking about.

    Oh and andi, when you gonna ditch that bird, you know I make a mean greek

    top marks fella's, 10 out of 10,


    young mr bloor

    1. Dear Young Mr Bloor
      In response to your email, I have just tried to feed some of Wire framed Ghost by X-Amount to my cat and she is not too interested.
      Maybe she would prefer to share my Findus crispy Pancake ( beef 'n' Onion) whilst staring at my cheeky bum girl's Spurs arse.
      Am I going about this in the right way? ....

      Yours respectfully

      Paul Taylor

    2. young Mr Bloor7 March 2012 at 15:35

      Dear Mr Taylor,

      classic mistake, you clearly failed to read the small print.


      young Mr Bloor