Sunday, 8 June 2014

X-Amount Ikarie XB-1 live Lewisham Arthouse June 13th.

Hello.. we will be performing a live soundtrack to the 1963 Czech sci-fi film Ikarie XB-1 at the Lewisham Arthouse on Friday June 13th. Rabbit (Dave Aylward, Tom Scott with Nick Doyne-Ditmas) will play, Charles Hayward with Mirei Yazawa will also perform a new project. Come and join us.. it looks like a great night.

Here is the info from the Facebook event page:

WARNING: A virulent strand is prevalent in South East London noise.

Since the dinosaur cull 40 years ago, a curious cross pollination between future aesthetics and DIY strategies and attitudes, between the vanguard and the street has flourished in the SE postcodes, a highly motivated gathering of outsider sounds, exploiting the meta-logics of punk, free jazz, electronica, sound art and breakbeat, melding them to suit the idiosyncratic and perverse intentions of the autonomous and feral musicians.

Tonight’s performance deliberately offers a range of approaches, gala style, a sort of tourism like in the days of the Cotton Club, Harlem.

RABBIT are Tom Scott (woodwinds, samplers) and David Aylward (drums, percussion), who also plays in jazz punk outfit Blurt and Re-Discovered Urban Rituals. Originally a trio, they have played together since the early 80’s, a sort of contemporary urban folk music. Tonight they are joined by Nick Doyne-Ditmas, double bass and brass, another long term player, originally with Pinski Zoo he now plays with Crackle and collaborates with Charles Hayward in a range of projects including Monkey Puzzle Trio.

X-AMOUNT are the duo of Andrew Panayi and Simon Birch; for tonight’s performance they will play a live soundtrack to the 1963 Czechoslovak science fiction film Ikarie XB-1. Here’s a link to some of their work with visuals http://xamountofxamount.blogspot.co.uk/p/video.html

MIREI YAZAWA + CHARLES HAYWARD is a new project exploring the meeting place between movement, gesture, dance, music and sound, employing a predominantly quiet and restrained palette implying more than is manifested. The pair first met at the 'Squaring the Circle' event in January at Lewisham Arthouse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjRmOLoHBsc