X-Amount of Video

The videos above were derived from kaleidoscopic footage compiled and edited together to provide a backdrop for a live performance. Over 130 clips were shot using iPhones and the "videoscope" app.

The visuals here were generated using "Circular Spectrogram", an application by Andrew Ohlman. You can download the (Mac only) app here: cargo.andrewohlmann.com/Downloads
What you are seeing is the bass frequencies at the bottom of the circle and the high frequencies toward the middle. Amplitude (volume) is represented by brightness and the red and blue colours correspond to the left and right channels of the stereo recording.

Our first video. This new track "Jump Starter" is from the new album "Degraded".

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  1. great track chaps but that has got to be the worse bit of motorway driving I have ever witnessed. Regards, Mr Bloor
    p.s. your left windscreen rubber looks very worn, sort it out