Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hickeysonic: 666 Squadron: Panic & Carousels 13

One of our tracks was played recently during Stagger Lee Fisher's "Panic & Carousels" show that he does for Basic.fm in his Hickeysonic guise.

It was an excellent broadcast that featured loads of interesting sounds from the likes of Demdike Stare, Crass, Fuck Buttons. Dean Blunt, John Hopkins and more.

In Lee's words "you get to hear what being repeatedly smashed in the face with a cricket bat made from rum & sunshine does to a man's brain". It's well worth checking out, and you can follow this link to either stream or download the set (and see the track list):

Be sure to check out the fabulous Basic.fm too:


More Hickeysonic sets here:

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013



This new track featured in the recent Mixlr broadcast we did. It has the processed voice of Kurt Schwitters and a nice metal pipe. It's a free download for a while, so grab it while you can!

The picture is a recent one of Battersea Power Station in London.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

X-Amount DJ set on Mixlr & Mixcloud

The recent DJ set that we broadcast on Mixlr is now available on MixCloud.

You can also download the whole thing free here:

The set covered pretty much our whole album output so far, and was a bit of a celebration of having got a couple of labels to release some of our stuff (at long last!)as well as the beginning of an attempt to re-master most of our back catalogue. It contains a new track, a new mix and some unheard material and edits.
It was recorded on a MacBook Pro using Algoriddim's DJay software and a Korg Padkntrol.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the mix, track by track:

1: Glue Gun: this is an edit of a recent live jam. Glue Gun will appear in it's fully finished form soon (somewhere).
2: Chamber: A brand new track. Remix possible...
3: untitled: this is a clip from our very first laptop jam in 2011.
4: Sine (version): An unheard alternative mix from the recently re-mastered "Fat Bankers" album (1996), more dub in this one than the album version.
5: Out & Out: from "Early Work" (1993-1994)
6: Planj (in & out): An edit from the original jam that created a track called "Stammerung", which appeared in one of the Nakedbeatz live performances last year (incidentally the "numbers station" recordings we have used are our own, not from the Conet Project).
7: Sonbahar (part two): from the "01 02 03 04" EP on Jehm Records.(2013)
8: Him: from "Early Work" (1993-1994)
9: Blistering: A track that should have been on the "Some Previous" album (1994-1997). It was recorded back in the early 1990s, some fierce drum samples. It will be added as a bonus track when the album eventually appears on BandCamp.
10: Flight (edit): An edit from the original jam that produced "Flight" from the "Degraded" album (2011).
11: Jump Starter (Flat Battery mix): A brand new mix of "Jump Starter" from the "Degraded" album.
12: I Told You Not To Eat That: from "Six Months Of Community Service" (2012)
13: Wire Frame Ghost: from "Six Months Of Community Service" (2012)
14: Nitpicker: a remastered version of the track from "Gits Encroaching" (2011)
15: Scraper: from the "01 02 03 04" EP (2013)
16: Chunk (in & out): an edit of an unfinished forthcoming track
17: Wax (featuring E333): recent release on Experimentalist Recordings (2013)
18: Beepatron: an edit from the original jam that produced "The Wheel Fell Off" from "Gits Encroaching" (2011)
19: Feelers: Remastered version of the track from "You Need Glasses"(2011)
20: Big (outro): edit of a jam from 2011
21: Tokyo: from the recent remaster of "Fat Bankers" (1999)
22: untitled: another edit from our first laptop jam in 2011
23: PVC: forthcoming on a Jehm Records compilation
24: Wilting intro: edit from an unfinished track (2012)
25: Tyfoon: Remastered track from the "Leakage" album (mid 1990s/2003).
26: Sleepy (outro): edit from an unfinished track (2011).

Friday, 5 July 2013

DJ Set Broadcast on Mixlr Thurs 11th July 8pm

We will be broadcasting a rather special DJ set on Mixlr next Thursday July the 11th at 8pm (GMT).

It will feature tracks from our catalogue going right back to the 1990s. There will also be new material, new mixes, unheard tracks from the archives and newly remastered tunes, plus a liberal dose of weirdness.

Stick it in your diary, stock the fridge, hire a PA to play it through and come and join us on Mixlr. You can heckle us online while it goes out.. We'd like that.

Here is the link: http://mixlr.com/x-amount/

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fat Bankers (remastered)

Our 1999 album "Fat Bankers" has been remastered and is available now on BandCamp for just £2.50. The full album download comes with two bonus tracks from the archives and additional artwork.