Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hickeysonic: 666 Squadron: Panic & Carousels 13

One of our tracks was played recently during Stagger Lee Fisher's "Panic & Carousels" show that he does for Basic.fm in his Hickeysonic guise.

It was an excellent broadcast that featured loads of interesting sounds from the likes of Demdike Stare, Crass, Fuck Buttons. Dean Blunt, John Hopkins and more.

In Lee's words "you get to hear what being repeatedly smashed in the face with a cricket bat made from rum & sunshine does to a man's brain". It's well worth checking out, and you can follow this link to either stream or download the set (and see the track list):

Be sure to check out the fabulous Basic.fm too:


More Hickeysonic sets here:

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