Sunday, 14 July 2013

X-Amount DJ set on Mixlr & Mixcloud

The recent DJ set that we broadcast on Mixlr is now available on MixCloud.

You can also download the whole thing free here:

The set covered pretty much our whole album output so far, and was a bit of a celebration of having got a couple of labels to release some of our stuff (at long last!)as well as the beginning of an attempt to re-master most of our back catalogue. It contains a new track, a new mix and some unheard material and edits.
It was recorded on a MacBook Pro using Algoriddim's DJay software and a Korg Padkntrol.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the mix, track by track:

1: Glue Gun: this is an edit of a recent live jam. Glue Gun will appear in it's fully finished form soon (somewhere).
2: Chamber: A brand new track. Remix possible...
3: untitled: this is a clip from our very first laptop jam in 2011.
4: Sine (version): An unheard alternative mix from the recently re-mastered "Fat Bankers" album (1996), more dub in this one than the album version.
5: Out & Out: from "Early Work" (1993-1994)
6: Planj (in & out): An edit from the original jam that created a track called "Stammerung", which appeared in one of the Nakedbeatz live performances last year (incidentally the "numbers station" recordings we have used are our own, not from the Conet Project).
7: Sonbahar (part two): from the "01 02 03 04" EP on Jehm Records.(2013)
8: Him: from "Early Work" (1993-1994)
9: Blistering: A track that should have been on the "Some Previous" album (1994-1997). It was recorded back in the early 1990s, some fierce drum samples. It will be added as a bonus track when the album eventually appears on BandCamp.
10: Flight (edit): An edit from the original jam that produced "Flight" from the "Degraded" album (2011).
11: Jump Starter (Flat Battery mix): A brand new mix of "Jump Starter" from the "Degraded" album.
12: I Told You Not To Eat That: from "Six Months Of Community Service" (2012)
13: Wire Frame Ghost: from "Six Months Of Community Service" (2012)
14: Nitpicker: a remastered version of the track from "Gits Encroaching" (2011)
15: Scraper: from the "01 02 03 04" EP (2013)
16: Chunk (in & out): an edit of an unfinished forthcoming track
17: Wax (featuring E333): recent release on Experimentalist Recordings (2013)
18: Beepatron: an edit from the original jam that produced "The Wheel Fell Off" from "Gits Encroaching" (2011)
19: Feelers: Remastered version of the track from "You Need Glasses"(2011)
20: Big (outro): edit of a jam from 2011
21: Tokyo: from the recent remaster of "Fat Bankers" (1999)
22: untitled: another edit from our first laptop jam in 2011
23: PVC: forthcoming on a Jehm Records compilation
24: Wilting intro: edit from an unfinished track (2012)
25: Tyfoon: Remastered track from the "Leakage" album (mid 1990s/2003).
26: Sleepy (outro): edit from an unfinished track (2011).

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