Thursday, 23 October 2014

GPC Super-8 film from 1983

This wonderful Super-8 film by Colin Fancy was shown at the Greenwich Performance Collective reunion gig last December. At the time, it was played on a Super-8 projector while we played X-Amount tracks to go along with it. It has now been digitised and Colin sent us the footage. We have edited the X-Amount tracks to fit (although we didn't need to do much) and it works well.

A rather lovely glimpse into a radical past in South London.

Colin Fancy says: "At last! here is the 1983 super 8 cinema veritie film of GPC out and about at local festivals doing their stuff etc. all the faces from those days are there for you to spot big thanks you to Paulo Sanhueza who offered at the reunion to digitise this and to Simon Birch and Andrew Panayi for the X-Amount soundtrack"

More from the GPC including info, links & downloads:

Thursday, 2 October 2014

You might have missed this:

As most people missed this, we thought that it is worthy of re-posting. This is a collection of X-Amount tracks that go right back to our beginnings in the 1990s as well as including some exclusive new works and sketches from the archives. I listened to it yesterday, and it's a good space to be in. There are shifts in mood and texture, shades of dark and light. Give it a go!

We have been quiet lately, both Andi and myself have been working on other projects, but we haven't given up on X-Amount, it's just hard to keep going when faced with lack of interest from a lot of people. Keep an eye on this blog.. more to come soon.