Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Track: Box (Dub Torpor)

"Box" is basically an edit of a laptop jam we had recently, but with additions, subtractions and a few enhancements. Initially, we were very pleased with the playback of the reference recording we had of the jam (we always record what we do live to a Zoom H2), but once it was edited down from its original ten minute form, it lost something. It wasn't that I had cut out all the good bits, and it wasn't the fact that it was shorter, it was something else.. I suppose, months ago we would have been happy to put the original edit out, but now I felt we needed to try to push the boat out a little more. 

In a sense, we have been doing that anyway. There are a good few sessions that have not been mixed yet, and some of these have a quite new vibe to them. I set to work on "Box" initially to try and put a bit of the 'funk' back that I felt had been lost from the initial loops in the jam. Once we had thrown a load of other loops at the new ones we had ended up with a very bass-laden thing (it still is a bit), and it seemed to me that there was a lot in there that was not getting heard.

So, I returned to the Ableton files and began to re-build the track. Once I did  this I discovered plenty of errors that, once corrected, added a lot more to the mix. To bring back the 'funk' I separated some of the conflicting elements and added some new drum parts to emphasise the bass rhythms. Doing these two things then gave me enough to be able to re-edit it. So, I set about cutting parts out. Once this was completed, it was just a matter of re-balancing the levels and I was done.

I have made it sound like this was a quick and easy job, but it was in fact complex, and was constructed (on and off) over three or four days. When you are working intensely on something I find it important to walk away from it every so often, otherwise it is easy to lose sight of the effect that you will have on your audience and what the thing is that you are actually trying to do in the first place.

The sounds within "Box" are a recording of Andi cutting wire (which sounded to me like he was cutting the feet off sparrows in the woods), some leg slapping and various electronic distortions with a hint of shortwave.

We have ended up with a better version for your listening ears. Another free download (5th in a series of free tracls for 2012). We hope that you enjoy it..

Simon x

PS: The artwork photo is again by Andi.

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