Monday, 26 March 2012

New videos: Circular Spectrograms

I have been playing with Circular Spectrograms. I found that our track "I Told You Not To Eat That" worked well with it. It was done using a (Mac only) application by Andrew Ohlman. You can download it here: Circular Spectogram

What you are seeing is the bass frequencies at the bottom of the circle, the high frequencies toward the centre. Amplitude (volume) is represented by brightness, blue represents the left and red represents the right channel of the audio.

This Quartz Composer based app is based on Musical Spectrum Analysis work by Jon-Kyle Mohr and Lee Martin and you can see more here: http://spectrogr.am/

Don't watch it too many times though..when I was working on it I looked out of the window at one point and got the spiral "motion after effect" - the buildings went all bendy and started moving about!

Here is a second one. This time for "Wire Frame Ghost". The parameters are the same, except this time the right channel is in yellow.

Its interesting how different it looks compared to "I Told You.." and also in this one how the Morse Code present in the shortwave samples is represented. Also, the presence of sonar makes it look like an old radar screen.

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