Thursday, 4 August 2011

Morodo: sneak peak from the new album

X-Amount - Morodo by X-Amt

Here is a the first track from our new album "Degraded", due to be out and about around August 20th if all goes to plan. We still have a little tweaking to do, but its basically there.

"Morodo" is named after the Giorgio Moroder inspired keyboard loop driving this piece. It also features Andi's 8 year old daughter singing. The acoustic guitar harmonics and repeating simple sub bass-line  combine with noises recorded inside a piano to create an uplifting yet ghostly atmosphere. Background sounds are morphed from field recordings of building sites, Asda and a canteen. Its free to download.

The album is called "Degraded" and will have about 12 tracks on it. Here is the artwork:

Followers of the blog (is there anyone out there?) will notice that we have used one of Andi's "Nice Block" photos, that he took whilst out on site. The blurry effect was caused because it was raining and Andi shot it through the window of his van.

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