Friday, 26 August 2011

2 new tracks: "Brian" & "Gaspipe"

Brian by X-Amt

Here are two new tracks. These will not be appearing on the new album. We have entered them into the "Bleep-Filtered" competition, so they are (for now at least) unavailable for download.

Gaspipe by X-Amt

If we were to win, one of them would end up on a Bleep compilation, if we lose, we will release them ourselves.

You may be wondering where the new album is (as it was promised for the 20th of August.. well it is finished and will appear on my SoundCloud page any day now. We are just awaiting approval for some lyrics to appear on one track.

Of course we will let you know as soon as its all done.

In the mean while there are these two to listen to. "Brian" was completed only in the last few days after another session last week. It features a (mostly inaudible) conversation recorded in a canteen about self-combustion as well as the voice of Brian from the Dispossessed.

"Gaspipe" is a dubby instrumental that features the sound of a gas cooker and a rather fabulous recording of rainwater passing through a drainpipe.

We hope you enjoy them.

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