Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New compilation from Jehm Records - free download

Jehm Records have a new compilation out, and its a free download. Our track "PVC" is on it. Here is a preview of the album:

This is what Jehm say about it:

"The second of our compilation albums on Jehm Records features an array of fresh musical talent from around the world, courtesy of Jehm regulars radltzx, Headcleaner, Goldguru,Tekeoh and X-Amount, newcomers Corbie, 5am, Missqulater, Martroo, Rab Achin and Hebeho, plus established artists such as Andy Clark and techno legend Dave Clarke favourite - w1b0. Expect the usual varied, quality electronic music from some exceptionally talented producers. Enjoy!" 

(JR015) Various Artists - ‘Jehm Sounds Pt. 2'

1. Corbie - Roundabout 
2. 5am - Current Events 
3. Missqulater - Head Up Big Brother 
4. radltzx feat. Dvickers - Prappala 
5. Martroo - In A Pool Of 
6. Goldguru - Sweden With You 
7. Rab Achin - How I Feel (Original Mix) 
8. X-Amount - PVC 
9. Tekeoh - Dream Chief 
10. Hebeho - Gael 
11. w1b0 - Stormfront 
12. Headcleaner - Bam Staka 
13. Andy Clark - Riffs 
14. BONUS TRACK - Rab Achin - How I Feel (Alternative Mix)

Get the whole album for free here:

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