Saturday, 2 February 2013

New tracks: Wax / PVC

Hello! We have two new tracks out today. They are called "Wax" and "PVC". "Wax" is the first of a series of collaborations we have been working on with May Mujagic, a Turkish singer and performer from France. She approached us after hearing "Tang", and we are pleased to be working with her.

Both tracks feature recordings made at the Anonymous group's "Operation Vendetta" protest (the London part).

"PVC" also has recordings of TFL trams, made in Croydon as well as an effected recording of a speech by Marxist Anatoli Lunacharsky and a snippet of the amazing "Donbass Symphony" by Dziga Vertov.

We hope you enjoy them.. for a VERY short time they are available for free download on our SoundCloud page: (note: no longer available! you missed it!) 

"Wax" will be released by Experimental Recordings on June 17th 2013

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