Monday, 11 June 2012

Kaleidoscopic Slides

When putting together ideas for the visuals to accompany our recent live show, I stumbled across the slides I made for the Rhythmicon Club, Salisbury back in 2000 (I used to install projections there). I love these kaleidoscopic ones. I have used them for the artwork for the CD copies of our live gig. I thought you might like to see the best of them. I don't mind you downloading them, but please give me a credit and let me know if you use them in any way, I have been ripped off too many times already!

I made them by constructing a tube with a Kaleidoscope attached at one end and my 35mm camera at the other. In a dark room I pointed it at the televsion which was hooked up to my Atari ST computer. I just generated simple geometric colours and shapes on the screen, and photographed the distortions through the kaleidoscope.


see more of my artwork at my (soon to be updated) website:

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