Thursday, 5 January 2012

Head To Head - Whatever (KillerWatts version)

Head To Head - Whatever (KillerWatts Version) by X-Amt

Head To Head was a band based in Salisbury (2005-2008) that I played keyboard live for (in the studio I also played some guitar on the recordings and produced & mixed).

"Whatever" was one of the most popular songs for Head To Head, both live and the studio versions. This version was recorded with Lou Watts singing the lead vocals and never mixed down until now.
Lou was a friend of the band, having previously worked with Tack (bass) and Noel (drums/vocals), and she also kindly co-ordinated our visit to her hometown of Gorinchem in Holland, where we played some of our best gigs, and Lou also sang with us on the visit. She also joined us at Glastonbury in 2007, where we played a storming set at Slippery Dick's Love Shack.
We recorded Lou over the top the demo versions of the songs that we had completed before we went on to record the Head To Head album that is available on iTunes. The demo versions are still available for free download on LastFM (here), and in some ways these raw early versions are better than the frantic sounding album versions. This was the only track that Lou recorded lead vocal on, but there are four others that she recorded backing vocal for, which I shall also remix at some point. (Simon).

Lou (left) singing with Head To Head at Glastonbury 2007

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