Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Eclecticism 02: Beats and Pieces

This is the second collection in the 3 part "Eclecticism" series done for the art show in Salisbury. It is a blend of all kinds of different material, much of which has been on my iPod this year, and consequently helped inspire many of the pictures in the show, in an abstract sense I suppose, by providing the moods and atmospheres that get me thinking, reflecting and creating. It made sense to compile a chilled mix for the show using these tunes.

The mix begins and ends with two tracks from the Boards Of Canada's "Trans Canada Highway" EP which, released back in 2006 (original release date was 6th of June - 06/06/06.. they love their numbers), is sadly the most recent release by them. I have been waiting all that time for a new release (along with all other BoC fans). I love this band, something about the beautiful perfectly constructed synth and sonic decay, combined with retro sounds that take me back to the actual National Film Board of Canada reels shown in my beloved physics classes at school in the 70s, ripple tanks, Van der Graaf generators, plus artwork with Spirograph, Super-8, Polaroids and.. well you get where I am going.

Joy Orbison
The mix moves on with a track by Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke, which I first heard on the fantastic Rinse FM DJ set by Four Tet and Floating Points. I am really enjoying this kind of vibe. Its followed by a Joy Orbison track in a similar dubstep/grime (is it still called that?) vein. Hugely inspiring to me at the moment, our new X-Amount jams are getting it (watch this space).

An album I have enjoyed immensely since it got the top album of the year award in The Wire in 2010 is Actress' "Splazsh". The Wire review of it said: "Submarine sonar blips and aquatic frequencies sit strangely but comfortably next to ultra-deep synths and kick drum depth charges…such creative use of the basic tools of production is subtly emotive and quietly startling". Agreed.

This naturally flows into a Flying Lotus track which is one of Andi's favourites. Both of us have listened to most of his stuff this year, at first I didn't get it at all. "Where is the groove?", but I got there in the end, there is a groove, just remove your preconceptions. This is an easier track than most, but I could recommend almost anything by him. If you are not yet familiar with his work, check out his "Los Angeles" album and also "Cosmogramma". He is based in L.A. and his auntie (I think) was Alice Coltrane, and there is certainly a distant link with John Coltrane which has flowed down through the blood. There are influences of Sun Ra alongside film scores, dub and electronic. Sumptuous stuff worth perseverance if, like me, you don't "get it" right away. If you end up hooked, check out Brainfeeder and Tokimonsta too.

Gold Panda
From L.A. to Peckham/Essex and Gold Panda. I always mix up Gold Panda with Panda Bear (from Animal Collective), their music is quite different, but part of this confusion means I am always surprised by what they bring out next! Eejit. Gold Panda signed to Ghostly International and I have become interested in their output, another one of their artists is Tycho, who appears later in the mix, providing some Californian sunshine. Check out Shigeto too.

Oh and while I mention Tycho briefly, if you are into design, particularly of the retro variety (and also the sounds of Ghostly International), have a look at his excellent ISO50 blog.

Keiran Hebden: Four Tet
After a current favourite track by Four Tet "Pinnacles", (which was given away free earlier this year..I love his recent output), tracks by Casino versus Japan and Baths. Casino versus Japan I discovered in my frustration of not having more BoC material, the same can be said for Freescha (later in the mix). Both outfits produce chilled intelligent electronica, though (for me) not quite in the same stratosphere as BoC, enjoyable none the less in their own right.

An artist I have enjoyed for some years now is Ellen Allien. She produces lush minimal techno/electronica, and her varied output has always been worthy of a good listen. "My Tree" (obviously an apt choice for the show) is from the "Dust" album. Her records are consistently ground-breaking and her DJ mixes are well worth checking out too. You can find them in plenty of places on the net. (Try here for example). She also runs the BPitch Control record label, a good source of quality techno.

Quality techno has oozed from the Warp label too, and apart from BoC, they also recently put out Bibio's "Mind Bokeh" album, from which the "Excuses" track is taken. I wouldn't label this as techno of course, its like broken electronica, I suppose. Why do we feel the need to label everything and put it in a box? I shall stop doing that, music is music. Noise is noise. Noise is music sometimes.

In Flagranti
Prior to that is a track that stumbles into the mix from In Flagranti, who appear in many of my DJ sets, but usually in a disco environment. I mentioned my love for 70s retro earlier, and that extends well and truly into disco. In Flagranti can get this spot on, they say: “We use everything we liked when we were growing up in the 70s, images, sounds, movies. In Flagranti is like lived memories mixed in a giant blender and re-assembled into a fantastic conundrum.” As well as that have produced some absolute dance-floor killers, and I am sure that any of you who have been to my DJ sets will testify to that.

Pete Fowler by Pete Fowler
I managed to sneak a track in by another favourite band of mine, Super Furry Animals. If they ever play again, go and see them live. I can remember when they brought their fantastic "Phantom Power" tour to Salisbury, complete with Pink Floyd's quad rig, Pete Fowler artwork and projections, my friend Clare and I got so frustrated with the Salisbury audience's lack of appreciation that she ended up yelling "come on you f*ckrs!!" at people. Ah yes, that was a special night. The Dazman, Re-Wright and I also loved their live online gig they did when they brought out the brilliant "Dark Days/Light Years" album. We sat gob-smacked, squashed into my front room with it blasting out on my studio monitors. This particular track comes from the extra disc that came with initial copies of "Rings Around The World". Probably wrongly, it made me think of the current economic climate cobblers, and I hoped that apart from pleasing people's ears it might also subconsciously inspire them to open their wallets at the show. Ha! Ha! Don't know if it worked…

I could go on, but I reckon thats enough rabbit for now.. comments? "Come on you f*ckers!!"

Simon x 

PS: Mix cover artwork by myself.

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