Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Self Indulgence: DJ mix 2004

"Self Indulgence" was a night I put on at The Winchester Gate in Salisbury from 2003 to 2004. It was billed as"an eclectic mix of all kinds of stuff for twisted unhealthy minds". The idea was to play something that was different to anything else going on. There was plenty of music that I loved that never (or at least rarely) got a public airing. The night would begin with fairly chilled electronica, experimental stuff, old school house and techno, krautrock and psychedelia then as the booze was consumed it would regress into absolute madness with punk, noise and silly stuff from past and present. It was great fun. This is from the early part of one evening, and makes good listening I believe. Many thanks go to Nicki and Dorothy for letting me do it in the first place, and also to Cat (who encouraged me from behind the bar and kept me going when I had no audience) and of course those that supported the evenings. After I while we had guest DJs in too, which added to the lunacy. It was a wonderful time with wonderful noises, more pubs and clubs should allow this kind of thing, I reckon.

This is a live recording, you can hear the vinyl jump a couple of times as it did when someone jumped too close to the decks. You may notice one edit that I needed to do to cut it to a small enough size to fit MixCloud and retain audio quality.

Simon x

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