Monday, 18 July 2011

Laptop Jams 07

Yes, I arrived with samples of the previously mentioned drumsticks. I had recorded hitting the wall, floor, sink, but no policemen (or small children, though it was tempting).

The usual chaos and warm welcome at Andi's. We first visited the Black Horse pub down the road for a pint of Doom Bar, then came back and set to work. Despite many distractions, interruptions and distortions, we completed 5 very interesting jams over the weekend. Provisionally titled "Tube Packet", "Morodo", "Rowing", "Net Work" and "Abort".

"Tube Packet" has recordings of London tube train sounds and travel chaos from a day last week when I got stuck in Victoria tube station as it all ground to a halt. You can still recognise the trains, although put in this context they sound more like synthesisers. The other sounds of the tube station have been edited and effected beyond recognition, but I reckon the vibe of the hold-up is still present. Shortwave and other voices interfere.

"Morodo" has Andi's daughter singing on it, though she sounds more like her alter-ego than her real self here, or like Satan on too many sleeping pills.

"Rowing" is so named because of a recording of rowers on the Thames, counting as they rowed, that fitted beautifully. It also has another fine squeaky metal gate. On hearing the playback of this Andi told me I was "wrong"… Yes. Correct.

"Net Work" has a fork-lift truck, shouting kids at Legoland and more from the tube station all thrown in with other samples like dripping water and shortwave.

Andi often falls asleep at the end of a session, and the spaced-out chilled nature of "Abort" caused it to happen again. Good man. We had put away a fair amount of wine by then, and in the days leading up to the session he had been jumping off scaffolding, so fair enough really.

A good session, and we seem to be accidentally maintaining the momentum to sound madder each time, which is a good thing in our books.

I shall work on the edits and mixes this week. We probably have enough material for another album of tracks now, so you will hear these as soon as we get finished on the post-production. Then its time to start to prepare the live shows. Hmmm.. We have already discussed falling asleep live onstage, but we are open to any other suggestions you may have… Any!

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  1. Sleep.
    It's kind of true.
    There are mitigating circumstances though.
    A full list available on request.